Athletes Can Improve Sports Performance with Eye Vitamins

tennis eyesightWell, we’re back from New York after a great weekend at Vision Expo East. The conference was lively with discussion about the efficacy of MacuHealth in improving macular pigment and slowing the progression of age-related macular degeneration.

There was also plenty of conversation regarding who else this remarkable supplement can benefit. That’s right; MacuHealth supplements are not exclusively for AMD patients. MacuHealth is a unique formula intended for anyone interested in preserving or improving their eye sight and visual acuity.

In fact, a study by the Macular Pigment Research Group designed to investigate serum and macular response to the combination of meso-zeaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin has proven that the formula significantly increases central macular pigment optical density. To put it simply, the MacuHealth formula has been proven to increase visual performance and acuity by increasing macular pigment optical density while reducing risk for AMD.1  

Further, when macular pigment is improved, harmful blue light is more easily filtered. A denser macular pigment also results in reduced light sensitivity, visual discomfort and improved contrast sensitivity.  Because of this, improving macular pigment is not just important for those with AMD or genetic predispositions to the disease; it can be especially beneficial to athletes too.

Whether they stop pucks or play wide receiver, athletes of all ages require the best vision possible in order to stay in top form. Consider that superior contrast sensitivity could be the difference between winning and losing a close match. Being able to better see a white volleyball against a blue sky, or a soccer ball in the green grass can significantly increase reaction time. Additionally, an improved macular pigment results in better photostress recovery, meaning athletes are less likely to be affected by bright lights or glare and are able to recover from ‘blinding lights’ sooner. Reduced eye fatigue, strain and better night vision for evening games are an additional edge that athletes with enhanced macular pigment may experience.

Regardless of if you’re a serious athlete, an AMD patient or someone who simply desires better sight, a combination of zeaxanthin, lutein and all important meso-zeaxanthin can effectively enhance macular pigment levels. However, since zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin are extremely scarce in the Western diet, it is important to take these carotenoids in supplement form to achieve the adequate daily intake.

It’s never too early to begin protecting your vision. Discuss your options with a physician.


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