Diagnosed with Macular Degeneration? 7 Questions to Ask your Doctor

American doctor talking to senior man in surgeryIt goes without saying; all patients have a distinctive medical history. Upon being diagnosed with macular degeneration, it’s important to remember that your health history and individual condition often differs immensely from the next person. Thus, it’s absolutely essential to discuss your personal risk factors, experience with macular degeneration and keep an open rapport with your doctor.


The following questions can help you stay aware of how your condition is progressing, the mitigating factors and appropriate treatment options:

Details on your macular degeneration:

  1. What type of macular degeneration do I have?
  2. What lifestyle changes can help to manage my condition?
  3. Will supplements help improve my vision? What kind of formula do you recommend?
  4. Are there drusen present in just one or both of my eyes? Is it sure to progress to my unaffected eye?
  5. How can I ensure my condition is maintained and doesn’t get any worse?
  6. What is the role of low vision and vision rehabilitation in AMD care? How can I go forward with low vision rehab?
  7. Should my close family be tested for the disease? If so, when?

Tips for gathering information:

Don’t go solo: Bringing a relative or trusted friend along to your doctor’s appointments is a good idea. It can help to have another person’s perspective on what to ask and how to process the information. Moreover, having a companion to discuss macular degeneration with can be cathartic.

Write it down: Be sure to bring a note pad with you to jot down notes on specifics regarding your condition. Said notes can prove to be a helpful referral for later on. Moreover, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you’re not sure exactly what your doctor is saying.

Extras: Ask your doctor is he or she has any extra materials, brochures or one page informational sheets that you can keep. This can be a helpful referral, plus you can make copies for your friends and family so that they can learn more about the disease if they’re interested.

What were some of your questions upon being diagnosed with AMD? Are you a caregiver for someone with low vision? What would you ask their doctor? Share with us below!

Age-Related Macular Degeneration Awareness Month


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