Dr. Stephen Beatty and Dr. John Nolan: Advances in Macular Carotenoids


We caught up with Dr. John Nolan and Dr. Stephen Beatty at this year’s ARVO meeting to discuss the latest in macular degeneration prevention.

Nolan and Beatty are members of the Macular Pigment Research Group -based in Waterford, Ireland- and are world-leading researchers in the field. The focus of their research concerns naturally occurring plant pigments, otherwise known as carotenoids, and their role in improving protective macular pigment.

Click below to hear the experts discuss how simple dietary supplementation can change the course of disease, increase macular pigment and improve contrast sensitivity in both healthy and diseased retinas.

The doctors also explain why the 10-10-2 formula used by MacuHealth is likely the most efficient method of carotenoid supplementation:


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