Nine Characteristics Leading To Eyesight Problems

Our Eyesight can deteriorate as we get older however what many don’t understand is AMD (age related macular degeneration) can be the main cause. Are you at risk?

This disease is mainly age related typically affecting people over the age of 50. Varying in severity age related macular degeneration often leads to blurred vision, blind spots or complete blindness if left untreated. The damage caused to the eye can make recognizing faces, reading or other visual tasks difficult, but peripheral vision usually remains functional, allowing for some daily activities to continue. Macular degeneration occurs when the macula, the central area of the retina that provides the detailed central vision of the eye, breaks down.

People who are more at risk of developing AMD include those with the following characteristics or conditions:

  • Women are more likely to develop AMD than men;
  • Smoking tobacco greatly increases the risk of developing AMD;
  • There is a 50 per cent greater chance of developing AMD if a family member has been diagnosed with the disease;
  • Cardiovascular disease increases the chance of developing AMD;
  • People with elevated cholesterol levels have a significantly increased risk of developing AMD;
  • Light eye colour;
  • Long-term exposure to sunlight or bright lights;
  • Low levels of antioxidants in the blood; and
  • Obesity or sedentary lifestyle.

Do you or someone you know suffer from one of these nine characteristics? Share your story with us, maybe we can help.

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