The Amsler Grid

amsler gird eye testThe Amsler grid is a diagnostic tool that helps detect visual disturbances caused by macular degeneration. Developed in 1945 by Swiss ophthalmologist Marc Amsler, the Amsler grid is no more than a graph of horizontal and vertical lines. Though simple, this daily test helps monitor (and distinguish) the symptoms of AMD as soon as they arise.

The Amsler grid is an effective method for keeping track of worsening or changing vision. And while this test does not replace regular eye exams, it should be done routinely each day. Here’s how to conduct a visual test using an Amsler grid:

  1. Complete the test in a well lit room by holding the grid in 12-14 inches away from your eyes. If you typically wear glasses, wear them during the test.
  2. Then, cover one eye and then focus on the black dot.
  3. Note your results or any changes, then report them to your ophthalmologist
  4. Now, repeat the test with your other eye.

Disclaimer: Never rely solely on an Amsler Grid for a diagnosis. Consult a physician if you have even one “yes” on the provided chart after conducting the test. If you’ve already been diagnosed, it is a good idea to check your vision on an Amsler grid daily so you can inform your doctors of any changes.

Print and use this Amsler grid and test chart to monitor changes in your vision: Amsler Grid and Test Chart

Do you regularly use an Amsler Grid to monitor your vision?

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