Be My Eyes App Helps Blind People ‘See’

Have you or a loved one ever struggled with reading the small print on a medication label or even distinguishing between a navy sweater and a black one? A new app called Be My Eyes is aiming to help the blind and visually impaired ‘see’ by connecting them with sighted strangers (helpers) who have also downloaded the app. The way… More →

Coping with Charles Bonnet Syndrome

We tend to think of Age-related Macular Degeneration as a physically painless, gradually blinding disease with few other symptoms. However, many vision professionals believe that as many as 20-30% of individuals with vision loss experience Charles Bonnet Syndrome at some point. This interesting phenomenon is an often frightening condition that causes vivid, complex patterns and recurring visual hallucinations, usually for… More →

Is Obesity Associated with Macular Degeneration?

It is common knowledge that being overweight can be detrimental to one’s health and well-being. Having extra pounds (particularly around the abdomen) notoriously puts individuals at a higher risk for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. However, it is a lesser known fact that obesity can increase one’s risk of vision loss from conditions like macular degeneration.… More → A Macular Degeneration Partnership recently caught up with Judi Delgado, the director of; a nonprofit program of the Discovery Eye Foundation. Mrs. Delgado has been with the foundation since 1998 and calls working with seniors and their families an inspiration. For more on the foundation’s overall goals and how Judi strives to personally help AMD patients in their journeys, continue reading for… More →

How MacuHealth Saved my Sight from Macular Degeneration

In honor of Macular Degeneration Awareness week (Sept. 15-22), it’s our pleasure to introduce featured guest blogger and popular WCBM Baltimore radio personality, Frank Luber.  From conventions to elections to soccer moms to the Baltimore Ravens, nothing in or out of the news is out of bounds for this opinionated radio show host- including a frightening Age-related Macular Degeneration diagnosis… More →

Activity Ideas for the Visually Impaired

Living well with macular degeneration is largely about maintaining quality of life and independence. But as vision deteriorates, patients often find themselves unable to enjoy the hobbies they once did and feelings of depression or monotony are common. However, finding new and engaging activities that don’t necessarily require sight can help low vision patients regain a sense of control and… More →

Google’s Driverless Cars now Legal; Will They Help People With Vision Loss?

We never thought we would live to see the day when you wouldn’t need a human being to move a car, we thought we were the sole owners of the right to move and control machinery but we were wrong (or so it seems). All mighty Google has done the impossible, they have created a driverless car and what’s more… More →