Blue Light Exposure and Your Ocular Health

blue light amdWith the introduction of smart phones, tablets and other handy electronics, eyes are exposed to harmful light spectrums now more than ever. In fact, our eyes are exposed to harmful high energy blue light and UV rays more often than many of us realize. That’s right, blue light is not only a threat outdoors! Even inside blue light hazard is often present. Fluorescent, CFL and LED bulbs all have a high blue spectral emission; and if you’re reading this via your smart phone or computer, you’re more than likely being affected by the blue light coming from your LCD screen.

So why exactly is blue light so threatening? To put it simply, blue light causes gradual oxidation and deterioration of the macula and leaves eyes more susceptible to macular degeneration, contrast sensitivity and issues with glare. Thus, it’s particularly imperative that those who work or play in the sun, construction workers, office workers, farmers, truck drivers, athletes and beach goers (to name a few) protect their eyes appropriately against this hazardous light.

That being said, it may occur to some that a pair of sunglasses should suffice for eye protection. However, misleading claims about shades providing UV protection can be confusing. In fact, most labels don’t indicate exactly how much UVA and UVB rays they block. Plus, many eye wear brands don’t even mention blue light on their labels. And while for years doctors prescribed UV blocking lenses as a method to guard against this harmful light, it is now possible to get prescription lenses that have wavelength selective light filtration (or, the ability to filter blue light specifically). Investing in a pair of quality blue-filtering eye glasses and sunglasses for year round use is one of the best things you can do for your eyes.

You can be proactive about protecting your eyes from harmful blue light and UV rays by wearing BluTech lenses in your favourite frames. BluTech lenses are scientifically proven and are infused with the precise balance of ocular lens pigment and melanin to defend your eyes against harmful blue light spectrums both indoors and out. Further, such lenses effectively soothe tired, strained eyes and ward off computer vision syndrome for those who use computers frequently. Objects and text will also appear clearer, sharper and better defined as a result of wearing blue-filtering lenses.

It’s important to realize that one of the keys to controlling the risk factors for any disease- including AMD- is efficient patient education. By wearing blue-filtering lenses, maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and supplementing with a triple carotenoid formula, sight stealing conditions like macular degeneration can be avoided and vision can be preserved into old age.

Do you wear UV blocking lenses? Will you after reading this post?

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  1. Im a computer user. Android cp also what kinds of eyeglasses shld i use to block the bluelight? Im not familiar to a blueblocker eye glass. Is it transparent or is it tinted?

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