Why is Meso-Zeaxanthin vital to treat and prevent AMD?

garlic anti inflammatory meso zeaxanthin luteinThere is a variety of products out in the market intended to help with AMD. The majority of them incorporate dietary supplements containing macular carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  Much has been written in recent years about the potential protective effects of both carotenoids and other nutritional components. Zinc and Copper as well as Vitamins A, C and E have been identified as vital to reduce the risk of developing AMD.

During the 1990’s, macular pigments Lutein and Zeaxanthin were found to have a protective effect against short wavelength light damage as well as providing antioxidant properties – thus potentially slowing down the disease. A third macular pigment called Meso-Zeaxanthin; however, has been taking the spotlight in recent studies. Dr. Richard Bone and Dr. John Landrum at the Florida International University discovered that Meso-Zeaxanthin (MZ), which is found in the retina but unlike lutein and zeaxanthin, has not been isolated from blood plasma or the liver, is not produced within the body and not derived from diet either[1].

Meso-zeaxanthin can only be absorbed through natural conversion of enzymes from lutein. It is the most powerful antioxidant of the three vital carotenoids, allowing greater blue light filtration as a damage preventing measure. For many, natural enzyme conversion of lutein into meso-zeaxanthin simply does not create enough pigment density. In rare cases, it creates none. Free from the limit of natural enzyme conversion, supplementation of meso-zeaxanthin directly fortifies pigment density in the central macula without know adverse side-effects.

Dr. John Nolan, a vision scientist and Fullbright postdoctoral fellow in the Medical College, Georgia, Department of Ophthalmology stated that ‘Given that MZ is not normally found in a standard diet, is a stronger antioxidant than both lutein and zeaxanthin, and allows for a wider range of blue-light filtration, its presence in a supplement will undoubtedly be of benefit for maintaining visual performance.’

By reducing loss of sharp, central vision and re-fortifying pigment density in the central macula, nutritional supplement during early stages of macular degeneration has proven to delay progression of the disease significantly, and stop permanent loss of vision if administered in time. Clinical research and trials by leaders of industry has been observed that a daily intake of 6mg of lutein alone is able to increase macular pigment density by 40 per cent over a span of six months. Providing hope in a manner far greater than hope alone, this results in a 43 per cent decrease in the risk of developing macular degeneration.



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  1. I’ve read that the only natural sources of meso-zeaxanthin are egg yolk, fish skin and turtle fat. But then its referred to as a plant based pigment and can be gained through green leafy and brightly colored vegetables. Also read that there has never been traced in the blood so that its not absorbed at all from foods.I understand that its still little understood but is the only way to get a significant amount through supplements?

    1. Hello there! Glad you found our blog. The fact is, you’re right. The ONLY way to ensure you get a sufficient amount of MZ is via supplementation. While it’s possible to include lutein and zeaxanthin through a diet of yellow and green leafy veggies, it’s much more difficult to obtain MZ.. (Especially since it is thought that some individuals have enzyme deficiencies that prevent lutein from forming into MZ).. A supplement like MacuHealth has MZ in its converted state, thus- even those who lack the ability to convert lutein to MZ naturally- can still obtain a proper dose of the carotenoid.

  2. Can you take this MZ without a prescription? Also, do you have to pay attention to the manufacturer or store where you buy it? Should I be buying “organic”. I have something going on with my left eye and because I’m traveling cannot get an appointment made immediately. Also, my insurance carrier is Humana in FL and my “primary doctor” has to refer me to HER reciprocal eye facility. How do I know they are good doctors AND what tests should I make sure they can perform?

    1. Hi Jann,
      Thanks for your question. MZ (in it’s converted form) can only be obtained through a supplement like MacuHealth. In fact, MacuHealth is the only formula that contains all 3 macular antioxidants in the ideal ratio for optimum macular health and AMD protection.

      You can find a MacuHealth doctor near you by searching with your zip code, here: http://ow.ly/m6p8N

      By the way- your doctor will likely perform a dilated eye exam, perhaps a fluorescein angiography, and an amsler grid test.

      Keep us posted on your progress!

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